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We are Bathcraft company, manufacture of most premium bath and body products with affordable prices. We use International ingredients to make our products, They are designed and developed by phds & IITians with latest knowledge and latest technology



About Our Products

NOA Bath craft is the most international brand of handmade soap and bath products. We have created hallucination of soaps for adults and kids. NOA is the 1st brand, who have created the fantasy soaps for adults and kids. All the range of NOA Bathcraft products are steep with International and National components which are skin friendly that gives you and your kids the soft skin. Best company that can give you the feel of natural spa.



All Natural Ingredients

We try to use much natural ingredients in our products as compared to other brands. Some of our body wash contain more than 50% natural ingredients and our soap made with natural butter and oils.



Our Vision & Mission

Our company mission to represent Indian bath & body products an International grounds with top class, handmade, natural & ayurvedic formulated products. We want to serve the world with handmade designer soaps & bath products. As, we are new brand using latest technology to make ayurvedic (herbal) premium bath product & have started selling in India & International platforms.



Cleopatra’s beauty secret recipes are Your skin need nutrition in form of oils, butters, honey etc. to keep collagen levels up in your skin, collagen is main part of skin which is responsible for maintaining elasticity of skin. Hydrating your skin with milk, oils, butter etc. will slow your skin ageing. studied carefully by our product development team and is applied to our products.
Cleopatra Ancient Egyptian queen is known as a one of the world’s most beautiful women. She was blessed with knowledge of using natural products as a beauty enhancer.
She was a beauty research and inventor of many recipes. That recipes are still used by top bath & body products manufacturing brand.

~ 6 Reasons TO Love Us ~

Handcrafted with care
No harmful chemicals
Natural Ingredients
Cruelty Free
No animal testing

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